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رئيس مجلس إدارة فينيسيا بنك... مكرّماً في اليرزة
Tue, Feb 26
إستقبل قائد الجيش العماد جوزاف عون، في مكتبه في وزارة الدفاع - اليرزة، السيّد عبد الرزاق عاشور، رئيس مجلس إدارة فينيسيا بنك ومَنَحه درعاً تكريميّاً تقديراً للدور الذي يقوم به من خلال تقديم كافة أنواع الدعم للجيش اللبناني، حامي الوطن وكانت للسيّد عاشور كلمة بالمناسبة، قال فيها إنّ الوقوف إلى جانب المؤسّسة العسكريّة الحاضنة للجميع، هو أقلّ واجب على كلّ مؤسّسة ومواطن لبناني، لدوره الإيجابي في مسيرة تطوّر ونموّ الإقتصاد
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Mon, Sep 17
Golden Medal of Merit for Wise Leadership
Mon, Jan 8

The Chairman & General Manager of Fenicia Bank Abdul Razzak Achour received the Golden Merit Award at a ceremony honoring the winners of the “Arab Eagle Award for Public Management Strategies 2017” organized by the Tatweej Academy for Excellence Awards in the Arab region in Dubai last week.


The ceremony was attended by prominent leaders of commercial banks and the financial sector, who have made many achievements in the field of their business across the Arab region. In addition to the "Arabian Eagle" award, presented to a personality capable of developing the vision and mission of the institution, the Chairman has also received the "Royal Scarf" for wise leadership along with a certificate of excellence.

"Management & Compliance Excellence Award"
Tue, May 23

Fenicia Bank s.a.l. received the Arab Banks Awards & Commendations of Excellence in Management and Compliance Award for the year 2017.


The Bank's management was handed the award during the World Union of Arab Bankers' Annual Dinner held on Friday May 12th, 2017 at Pavillon Royal in BIEL which gathered high profile bankers and key regulatory figures from leading regional and international bodies.

 During the event, and for the third consecutive year, the World Union of Arab Bankers (WUAB) recognized the leaders of commercial banks and financial and business institutions who had valuable contributions and pulled out exceptional achievements in their business field across the Arab World, including Fenicia Bank from Lebanon.

 It is noteworthy that WUAB had awarded Fenicia Bank the "Brand Excellence Award" last year.

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Fenicia Bank hosts Chip Poncy on Financial Integrity
Mon, Oct 27

Fenicia Bank hosts Chip Poncy on Financial Integrity

 Upon the invitation of Fenicia Bank s.a.l, a lecture was delivered by Mr. Chip Poncy, Co-Founder and President of the Financial Integrity Network (FIN), at the bank’s headquarter located in Beirut Central District.

This lecture was introduced by the bank’s Chairman and General manager Mr. Abdul Razzak Achour along with the bank’s executives and with the participation of Mr. Sarkis Yoghourtdjian, Assistant Director of the Board of Governors at the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD (USD)

In the course of the lecture, Mr. Poncy discussed the implementation of new legal methods to combat   terrorist financing and fight money laundering and praised the efforts of various Lebanese banks for currently improving their techniques to reveal such financial crimes.

Mr. Poncy had a tour inside the headquarter building with Mr. Achour and a lunch was held in his honor with the presence of bank’s executives.

Designated staff of Fenicia Bank s.a.l also attended another lecture presented by Mr. Poncy about financial integrity and systems for combating financial crimes in Suleiman Al Alayan Hall at the American University of Beirut sponsored by the bank.

CCCL Wishing Star
Fri, Oct 17

Thanks to their donations through the CCCL's wishing stars program, Fenicia bank employees have contributed in helping

Lea, Ahmad and Georges fighting their cancer, through covering part of their yearly treatment

cost which averages 50,000 USD.

A CCCL Shine Star is named after Fenicia Bank employees in recognition of their donations to the CCCL.

Olayan School of Business Awards 2014
Fri, May 23

For the third consecutive year, Fenicia Bank confirms continuous commitment to CSR through its support to education. On May 23rd, 2014 two students; Ms. Nayla Mazloum and Mr. Ali Abu Haidar of the Business Administration School at the AUB, received the Fenicia Bank Award for Finance Masters Graduates and the Fenicia Bank Award for Excellence and leadership in Finance.

The awards ceremony was held at the College of Suliman Al Alayan Business School on the AUB campus; representatives of the university, directors of the bank and a large number of students attended the event.



Al Iktisad wal Aamal special issue DEC. 2013
Sun, Dec 1


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"AYADINA" Dinner
Thu, Aug 23

With respect to the culture pillar of its corporate social responsibility, Fenicia Bank sponsored the dinner organized by

 “AYADINA” organization, Wednesday August 3, 2012 at Crown Plaza hotel – Beirut.

Attending the dinner were number of Business men and active women.

The return of this dinner was allocated to the help of old people and unprivileged children to promote them a better life. This sponsorship is part of Fenicia Bank CSR approach to build goodwill and most importantly is consistent with the values it espouses in supporting social organizations targeted to the civil society.

Fri, Jul 20

فينيسيا بنك يساهم في التكريم السنوي للطلاب المتفوقين في كلية إدارة الأعمال في الجامعة الأميركية


تشجيعاً منه للشباب اللبناني، ودعماً لمتابعة تخصصه الجامعي والإنخراط في الحياة العملية، قام فينيسيا بنك ش.م.ل بتقديم جائزتي تقدير لكل من الطالبتين هيفاء حرب وهبة خليل، خلال الحفل السنوي للطلاب المتفوقين في مجال علم المال (Finance) في كلية إدارة الأعمال في الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت والذي أقيم في 20 حزيران 2012، وذلك بحضور رئيس مجلس الإدارة السيد عبد الرزاق عاشور ومدراء من الإدارة العامة للمصرف،

معكم ... أينما كنتم